2100 m residential land in the north of unique Iran

2100 m residential land in the north of unique Iran

500000.00 $
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فئة : اراضي للبيع
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عرض تاريخ النشر : 2022/09/09
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11 أذار , أربيل , العراق

2,100 meters of residential land with full facilities:
(Urban water-electricity meter-gas meter-telephone-fencing-issued construction permits-three corners-corner of asphalted street)
- The commercial position of the tourist motel construction proposal. The location of the settlement.
In the tourist area of ​​Mehrban, located 2 km from the city
Siahkol road to Dillman. Near the city and city amenities with all facilities including:
#Mineral water from nature's mineral springs
#The landscape of forest-river-mountain, paddy field-tea gardens and completely dreamy
#Has three copies of the construction permit issued with approved plans with 500 meters under the duplex building with a very beautiful Italian designer's architectural plan
# It is possible to obtain 6 other license items.
# Foundation construction loan with 4% profit per license up to 400 million
#Possibility of separation into 200 meter pieces
# Three corners
# Municipal water meter
# Power meter
# Gasometer
# phone line
# The iron entrance door of the car
# Round walls with cement blocks up to 2 meters with foundation
# Overlooking the river
# Building density factor 100%
#Factory level of Jackal Bana: 50%
(Example: In a minimum residential land of 200 meters, you can build 200 meters of two-story building in 100 meters of land)
# The distance from the nearest beach is 20 kilometers from Langrud
# The distance to Sabahkal city is 2 km
1920 square meters residential
About 180 meters in the corner of Qanasi land in the northwest, which is a small triangle, non-residential, which is not important, and because it is inside the design of the conductor and texture, it can be changed, which is not needed at all, because it is located in the yard.
All retreats are observed and walled
Location: in the heights but flat and ready to walk
Licenses issued in order:
first license; 200 square meters of duplex building issued by Siahkol Municipality and the plans of Kola Engineering Organization were prepared and obtained.
Second license: 150 meters duplex like the first license
Third permit: 150 square meters duplex like the first permit
The application file for a non-shared one-page document, the preparation of all the necessary costs, the payment of UTM mapping, the completion of the construction, and as soon as the second ceiling is implemented and there is no violation, it will be issued to the Siahkol Real Estate Registration Organization.
Ready to pay housing foundation construction loan. It has been approved and will be paid as soon as the application starts.

To see the video, please go to the following addresses:://www.aparat.com/v/Mxgnm
۸ https://www.aparat.com/v/pRdGC

Reza Abbasi
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    11 أذار, أربيل, العراق

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